InterCard chargeback service.


InterCard chargeback service.

All about returned direct debits (chargebacks).

With over 1.1 million processed returned direct debits (chargebacks), InterCard AG is one of the biggest service providers in the industry. Many companies for which we process cashless payments use our chargeback processing service and assign their receivables to us.

Our debit chargeback processing service relies on our highly trained and competent staff. Cardholders can call our cardholder hotline to clarify any questions about outstanding receivables they are required to pay.  


Has a direct debit not been charged to your account or has it been returned?

As a cardholder responsible for payment, you may face additional transaction costs due to such returns.
To keep the cost to a minimum or to enquire about the current costs, call our toll-free chargeback hotline service. Please have your ec card to hand.
Please transfer the total amount to the following bank account:

Recipient: InterCard AG
IBAN: DE04701600000080144548
DZ Bank München
BIC (Swift code): GENODEFF701
Purpose: Transaction number or ec card IBAN*

If you have questions about your IBAN or BIC, please contact your bank directly.

*The transaction number is quoted in the top right-hand corner of our reminder. If you have not received a reminder from us, please use your IBAN. Additional data may be useful, such as the transaction date, transaction amount, or merchant.


What costs may apply?

If the bank has returned your direct debit, additional costs and fees may apply. Each returned direct debit must be processed on an individual basis.

Additional fees may apply including:

  • Bank costs – fees charged by participating banks for the reversal of a direct debit;
  • Information costs – fees for the provision of your address;
  • Costs of individual processing – fees charged for the processing of the chargeback and for the order for payment/reminder.

Contacting you via a one cent transfer
Has your bank account been credited with 1 cent from InterCard? The reason is very simple: we have been unable to debit a direct debit from your account. The 1-cent transfer is how we try to contact you. Please call us to keep costs to a minimum.

In this case, you will find the following German text in your bank account statement:

TEL.089-61445525 anrufen/
Einkauf (Datum) (Händler) offen/
(Ihre Vorgangsnummer bei uns)/
Gesamtforderung derzeit: (offener Betrag) Betrag an InterCard abgetreten

We send 1 cent to you and use the reference to let you know that your bank has returned a direct debit with the reason “not paid.”

Our chargeback service staff are here to answer your questions.

Mon-Fri: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Receipt text for ec direct debit (ELV) via InterCard (PDF, 83.86 KB)
Notice text for ec direct debit (ELV) via InterCard (PDF, 92.24 KB)

Contact us.

T: +49 800 10 444 00 (free of charge within Germany)
T: +49 89 61445 - 200