Paying cashless.


Paying cashless.

Pay with girocard (ec-card).

Payments with ec cards are made using two procedures:

  • ec direct debit – card- and signature-based payments
  • ec cash – payments with the card and PIN

In special cases, ec card payments may be declined at the cash register.
This may be caused by a number of reasons. In such an event, please contact us so that we can investigate the underlying cause.

Payments with the ec-card and signature

A direct debit may only be executed if you have sufficient funds in your account. If the transaction amount cannot be debited, the direct debit will be returned. In such an event, you may expect to pay additional charges.
Please make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account when you make a transaction.

May I also pay by direct debit on the internet?
Yes, direct debits are also available for online payments. You simply need to know your IBAN and BIC. Please make sure that:

  • The payment is processed via a secure connection, which is the only way to ensure the minimum level of security;
  • You have entered the correct IBAN and BIC.


Payments with the ec-card and PIN

Simple and secure: Electronic cash (ec cash) means that you pay with your ec card and PIN. The payment will be authorised by the relevant banking institution and checked by means of your card’s chip.
Once you enter your PIN, the InterCard network operator will connect you with the authorisation system of the banking institution to check that the card has not been put on a black list, for instance due to theft. The available card limit may also be verified by the bank that holds your account.
If the credit limit has been exceeded or if the card has been blocked, the payment is declined.

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