Additonal Services.

Everything under control with InterCard.

Additonal Services.

Everything under control with InterCard.

Other payment-related services provided by InterCard.

Our service package makes a difference - that is why we offer more than just payment settlement services. InterCard’s portfolio provides you with a broad range of additional services that alleviate your administrative burden, thus enabling you to focus on your core business.

Returned direct debit service

Processing returned direct debits is time consuming and resource-intensive. As a service provider, we are happy to do this for you!

With over 1 million processed returned direct debits to its name, InterCard is one of the leading service providers in this sector.  Thanks to our long-standing know-how, we always find the right package for small and medium-sized clients, as well as large commercial enterprises. Procedures that are as far as possible automated, as well as constant quality and performance checks at all stages of the processing, guarantee success. Our returned direct debits team comprises only staff that are specially trained and qualified in this field.
Cardholders that have an outstanding debt resulting from a returned direct debit can use our hotline to ask their questions and quickly clarify the issue and they also have the opportunity to settle the claims.  This helps InterCard to keep down any resulting costs - your ‘damages’ will be thus be limited.

Purchasing of returned direct debits
Depending on the client and the sector, we also purchase returned direct debits to an extent and for amounts that are fixed on an individual basis. We thus refund you the established purchase price immediately after the returned direct debit has been posted to your business account. This means you do not have to invest in a time-consuming and costly order for payment scheme.

In order to determine the amount and structure of the potential receivables purchase, we help you to analyse the reasons for returned direct debits over a period of several months. We assess these facts and set the percentage of existing claims that we can underwrite.

InterCard receipt archiving

Have you concluded a returned direct debit purchase or processing agreement? You have large volumes of transactions in your branches as well as a large number of signed ec direct debit slips?      

As an additional service, we offer you the standard or personalised InterCard receipt archiving service.  We file and retrieve direct debit slips.

Advantages of the receipt archiving for clients:

  • Storage of signed debit and credit card slips by InterCard
  • No cumbersome retrieval of mandates/proof of payment slips
  • Provides collective envelopes and mailing bags
  • Entry controls of collective envelopes using bar codes
  • Optional: picking up collected and packaged proof of payment slips
  • Eases the burden on staff
  • Reduces your administrative costs, optimises processes
  • Destruction of mandates in accordance with the statutory provisions.
  • Support from personal correspondents

IC-eArchive – Electronic receipt repository

You can use our IC e-Archive solution. You can store your payment receipts/mandates in fail-safe data centres and retrieve them at the drop of a hat. We obviously file your receipts in accordance with the very latest security standards.

This is what we offer:
You can conveniently store the digital receipt signed by your clients in our IC e-Archive.

Setzen Sie daher auf unser IC-eArchiv. In ausfallsicheren Rechenzentren werden Ihre Zahlungsdokumente sicher aufbewahrt und sind im Handumdrehen wieder auffindbar. Selbstverständlich archivieren wir Ihre Belege unter Anwendung modernster Sicherheitsstandards.

Das bieten wir Ihnen
Im IC-eArchiv können Sie bequem die digitalen Belege mit den Unterschriften Ihrer Kunden speichern.

You can choose between:

  • A direct link via your terminal - InterCard fits the terminal with appropriate software.
  • Receipt filing via an external signature pad - The device is connected by your integrator. Transmission takes place via the cash register.

By externally filing your electronic documents, you save on paper and additional hardware, as well as tedious document searches. It also enables you to optimise your processes and thereby reduce your administrative costs. We take care in the appropriate manner of ensuring that you comply with the statutory archiving provisions, the retention periods and subsequent deletion of the data.

IC Gutschrift Plus - More security for returning goods paid by ec direct debit

As a merchant, you are certainly familiar with the following scenario: a client returns goods and requests a cash refund.  The problem: with EC direct debit payments, there is a risk that the cardholder may cancel the direct debit and that you will incur a financial loss. This is how fraudsters that use stolen cards attempt to scam cash.

It is much easier to credit the amount to the client’s account via his debit card. InterCard offers this solution with the IC Credit Note Plus function in its terminals. In the event of returned goods, the debit card must be presented. With a credit booking, the account details of the cardholder - rather than only the debit card used - are checked: for example, for open returned direct debits or the amount of the credit note. IC Credit Note Plus minimises the risk incurred by merchants in cases of returned goods and therefore the related administrative burden.

Benefits for you as merchant:

  • Fraud protection
  • Reduction of manual processing of credit notes
  • Maximises security and transparency
  • Open returned direct debits are settled with a credit note for the relevant amount.
  • Security comparable to that of EC cash
  • The credit note can be executed immediately or deferred to a later date
  • Quicker, more efficient conclusion of the business transaction

We will be happy to discuss the technical requirements with you on an individual basis at any time!

IC Bankaccount Solution

Does each electronic cash and electronic direct debit (ELV®) payment correspond to an individual entry in your account statement? With InterCard's bank account solution, this is a thing of the past.  With this service, girocard payments (electronic cash and electronic direct debit) are first paid into an InterCard account and then bundled together and transferred to your account.

You will also reduce your costs with InterCard's bankaccount solution, as you will not be charged accounting entry fees for each direct debit operation. Instead everything will be processed via InterCard.

Added value for you as merchant:

  • Elimination of accounting entry fees
  • No returned direct debits on your account
  • Credit notes on sales in one lump sum
  • No liability

Secure communication in an emergency: InterCard Contingency Plan

With its special ‘Contingency Plan’, InterCard has found a solution that enables merchants to keep their default risk to a minimum. The contingency plan covers all direct debit card-based payment schemes.

During peak times, in particular, cashless card payments can be affected by disruptions. This not only annoys clients, but is also unpleasant for you and needs to be avoided wherever possible.

With its special ‘Contingency Plan’, InterCard has found a solution that enables merchants to keep their default risk to a minimum. The contingency plan covers all direct debit card-based payment types.

Connection problems, inundated authorisation centres, missing authorisation: technical disruptions at POS terminals can also occur. InterCard has analysed the most common hitches and developed a contingency plan based on two scenarios, so that merchants are equipped to face all eventualities.

Bank authorisation not possible
The banks’ data centres are unavailable or temporarily down due to a technical hitch. Consequence: your clients’ debit card payments cannot be authorised online by the banks.

Solution: Online direct debit via InterCard

For these events, we have developed the electronic direct debit system. Under this system, it is not the banks, but instead InterCard, that checks your clients’ data. To this end, we compare the debit card information with the data in our black list database. If the search is positive, the payment is authorised and your clients can complete their cashless transaction by signing a direct debit authorisation. We also provide a specific service in this area: we cover you against the risk of a payment default by purchasing your receivables.

POS terminals offline
Sometimes the terminal may not be able to connect to InterCard due to a connection hitch. So that, in such cases, cashless payment transactions do not have to be cancelled, we fit the POS terminals with smart software that automatically identifies the disruption.

Solution: Offline direct debit
The POS terminals register the failed connection. They go offline, but still allow for the electronic direct debit process to be completed. Authorisation is not secured, but the client signs for the transaction and his payment is stored in the POS terminal. When the connection to InterCard is restored, the transaction is transmitted and processed.

The benefits of the contingency plan for you:

  • Cashless payment possible at all times
  • Automatic switchover of the terminal
  • No loss of sales

Tax Free and DCC

When clients from non-Euro or non-EU countries make purchases from you, you can offer them additional services: Tax-Free-Shopping and DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion).

If you have the Tax-Free-Shopping function installed on your terminal, purchases by these clients can be made tax-free. When they leave Germany or the EU, they are refunded the value added tax paid on their goods.

The terminal recognises when a card payment is being made by a credit card that can benefit from this option and offers the client the ‘Tax Free Yes/No’ option. Even if your clients pay cash, it is possible to print a tax-free receipt on the terminal. This saves the clients from having to fill out the tax-free forms by hand.

You can also use your InterCard terminal to make dynamic currency conversions (DCC). This allows your clients from countries that do not use the euro to ask for the amount of the purchase to be converted into their local currency and pay for the purchase at the current daily exchange rate.

The best thing about this is that merchants receive a premium discount for DCC payments from your acquirer.

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