Payment schemes

Individual solutions. Satisfied clients.

Payment schemes

Individual solutions. Satisfied clients.

An overview of our payment schemes.

Each InterCard client has its own expectations and wishes. We adapt to them, as flexibility is our watchword. Get a brief insight into our services and find out about the range of payment schemes we have on offer for you.
Whether for EC debit, credit or cash cards: InterCard processes all types of card payment and takes care of risk and receivables management for you.  

As one of the leading card payment network operators and service providers, we also offer you other services, such as gift voucher cards, mandate text management or the InterCard account management solution.

We also have a very broad client portfolio. Well-known chain stores in the food, textile and many other sectors have placed their trust in us and our solutions, including our in-house IC Vario scheme, which includes a factoring option.

IC-vario: a smart combination of EC direct debit and electronic cash systems

IC-vario offers you double security: InterCard’s smart payment scheme combines the advantages of the EC direct debit and electronic cash systems. As a result: EC/Girocard card payment refusals kept to a minimum and costing significantly less than with just the EC cash procedure.

With IC-vario, your clients literally pay on the basis of their name, i.e., primarily with their signature. This is because the main feature of this hybrid system is an online-based electronic direct debit system, which we at InterCard have further developed. Its specific feature is that we perform the risk check on your clients’ debit card/girocard payments in place of the banks. As an additional service, you can cost-effectively insure yourself against loss of sales through our factoring scheme. On the few exceptional occasions that we refuse to assume a risk, IC-vario automatically takes on the risk.   Your clients’ debit card/girocard payments are thus guaranteed via the PIN-based electronic cash procedure.

Added value for you as merchant:

  • More revenue from the payment process.
  • More cost-effective than just the electronic cash procedure (PIN)
  • Most of the sales made using the cost-effective electronic direct debit system, including factoring
  • High rate of availability, as it is largely independent from the bank authorisation process.

electronic cash

With the PIN-based electronic cash scheme (also referred to as the EC cash scheme), sales are authorised by the Germany Banking Industry’s central counterparty clearing house and via a chip verification.

The individual service components:

Checking for blocked cards/card limits

After the PIN has been entered, a connection is made to the banking authorisation system via InterCard’s operating network. The client’s credit limit with the account-holding financial institution is also usually verified. If the credit limit has been exceeded or if the card has been blocked, the payment is declined.


Secure card payment is, for many merchants, one of the most important requirements for acceptance of EC debit cards. If your client uses a PIN code, you are on the safe side.

Providing the merchant terms of the German Banking Industry relating to electronic cash procedures are observed, these payments are honoured by the financial institution  No returned direct debits are generated.


ELV® (electronic direct debiting scheme) is the cheapest cashless payment transaction procedure. Please note: when a payment is made, the cardholder data is not checked against the black lists compiled by InterCard or the Banking Industry. The risk is borne by you the merchants.

The individual service components:

Card acceptance

Only cards issued by domestic financial institutions can be used to make payments using the ELV® (electronic direct debit) payment scheme. Foreign debit cards are processed via the Maestro scheme, for example.  The cardholder must sign the till receipt. Expired cards are rejected.

Verification of black lists/solvency
When just the ELV® system is used, no search is made of InterCard’s blacklist database or of other databases that could provide information about the cardholder’s solvency.

The merchants bear the risk of returned direct debits. In order to reduce the risk, we recommend that you conclude a factoring agreement with InterCard.

Geldkarte - the ‘electronic wallet’

Most debit cards are fitted with a chip. This can be loaded with up to 200 euro and then be used to make payments for small amounts.

In order to be able to offer this payment method, the merchant requires a chip card terminal fitted with a cash card function. A card known as a merchant card, which is issued by the relevant house bank, is also required.

The payment process takes place offline: the amount of the payment is deducted from the balance on the chip. The card-issuing institution guarantees the payment (authorisation fees). For the payment process, the financial institution charges a fee of 0.3% of the transaction amount with a minimum of 0.01 euro.

Credit card acceptance

By using the InterCard credit card acceptance scheme for Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club/ Discover, JCB and UnionPay International, you offer clients an easy and secure payment scheme and, in addition, you increase your revenue!

Studies show that credit card holders tend to make spur-of-the-moment purchases and also spend more on average. Clients love and appreciate the new freedom to decide for themselves how they pay. And the best thing is that satisfied clients come back for more! This enhances your good reputation and sales.

Advantages for you:

  • More sales thanks to spur-of-the-moment purchases
  • Higher average expenditure
  • Creditworthy and free-spending clients
  • International target audience
  • Satisfied clients are loyal clients
  • Protection against counterfeit money and theft
  • Time and cost savings compared to cash payments

The credit card is the most popular payment method worldwide - more than 4 billion credit cards issued speaks for itself. By accepting credit cards at your place of business, you are reaching out to a free-spending and creditworthy client base. Your clients will love it!

And this is why you will love us:

  • Acceptance and payment settlement - a one-stop-shop
  • Attractive conditions
  • Gross payout of your sales
  • A single invoice for all InterCard services
  • No fixed costs
  • No fixed term of contract
  • Expert, personalised advice


As acquirer, InterCard processes payments made with Maestro cards. Nowadays over 90 % of large retail companies accept this payment method. The important thing is to work with a reliable and cost-effective payment settlement partner.

Maestro has been known for many years as a payment scheme for German debit cards abroad and for foreign debit cards in Germany. Nowadays increasing numbers of financial institutions are issuing Maestro-only cards, which only authorise Maestro payments. In order to be able to accept these cards, you do not need a credit card acceptance agreement. A Maestro acceptance agreement with InterCard, as well as a terminal connection, is sufficient. This will also enable you to accept all foreign Maestro cards.

Added value for you as merchant:

  • Tapping into new client bases
  • One-stop-shop
  • Cost-effective settlement of domestic and foreign Maestro card payments
  • Daily crediting of gross sales in one lump sump
  • Discounts billed for in the following monthly invoice, no minimum sales
  • Contract periods in tandem with your contract

Details about the settlement of Maestro transactions

Merchants contract InterCard to process their Maestro card sales and settle the payment transactions underlying these card sales.

Processing and settlement are subject to the Mastercard International rules governing Maestro transactions.  These rules include, in particular, the “By Laws and Rules and “Maestro Global Rules’ of Mastercard International. More details about the settlement of transactions can be found in Mastercard International’s Merchant Operating Guidelines (MOG), which can be downloaded at the following address

under the “Maestro Rules” link. The MOG are part of InterCard’s ‘Special Terms of Acceptance of Maestro cards in face-to-face payment transactions’.


As acquirer, InterCard processes payments made with V PAY cards. V PAY is Visa’s chip and PIN card, which guarantees merchants easy acceptance procedures, cost effectiveness, security and low administrative costs.

Issuance of V PAY cards is already under way in Germany, Italy, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Bulgaria and is to be rolled out in other European countries. In Germany, the V PAY cards issued are known as “cobadged” cards containing several payment applications on one card (girocard and V PAY). Payments inside Germany are, as is customary, made using the electronic cash scheme by entering a PIN code or via the electronic direct debit system using the signature method.  

Offer your European clients an alternative payment method to credit cards. For this, you only need to conclude an acceptance agreement with InterCard and set up a connection to your terminal. Connection of your terminals for V PAY cards is free-of-charge.

The added value for you as merchants:

  • Tapping into new client bases
  • One-stop-shop
  • Daily crediting of gross sales in one lump sump
  • Invoicing of discounts in the following monthly invoice
  • No minimum sales
  • Payment guarantee

InterCard gift cards

Birthday, Christmas, Wedding, Valentine’s Day: gift vouchers are popular and practical. There is now a modern alternative to paper gift vouchers: bank card-type gift cards.  They are easy to store in your purse or wallet and are more widely accepted than paper gift vouchers. As merchants, they are easier to manage and you can keep a constant eye on your gift voucher card programme.

Optimise your advertising campaigns and client mailing lists by using special promotional cards. You can load these cards with money and issue them to clients in order to incentivise a specific type of purchasing behaviour. Promotional cards boost your sales in a professional and effective manner.

Advantages of the InterCard gift card:

  • Offered as a gift to new clients.
  • Gift cards generate additional sales.
  • Gift cards foster client loyalty and purchasing frequency.
  • The gift cards do not have to be redeemed in one go (the balance remains on the card).
  • More recognisable due to customised card design.
  • Electronic gift cards reduce your administrative costs.
  • Cards offer security, as they are only loaded when a purchase is first made.
  • Gift cards are forgery- and tamper-proof.
  • A web reporting tool enables you, at any time, to view the cards that have been sold and the cards that still have credit on them.

InterCard offers comprehensive solutions for gift voucher cards with personalised designs. The cards can be used immediately on an InterCard terminal or via the cash register system. We will supply you with suitable card holders and the equipment needed to successfully showcase your cards on your business premises.  We would be only too happy to provide you with a personalised offer.

ratenkauf by easyCredit

More sales. More time for your customers. More security. Germany´s easiest installment buying – simply activate “ratenkauf by easyCredit” at your POS.

An overview of your “ratenkauf by easyCredit” advantages:

  • No additional effort for merchants
  • Receipt of payments after a few business days
  • No cash loss because the TeamBank takes the reliability risk as well as the credit control.
  • Fairness for your customers due to excellent services and consumer-friendly terms and conditions

Please find more information here.

InterCard Secure Payment

With InterCard Secure Payment, you can offer your clients a comprehensive portfolio of the most successful payment systems in Germany, Europe and worldwide. The platform meets all the needs of a modern and efficient Payment Gateway! An all-inclusive package for all those seeking more than just an e-payment solution or are using an omni-channel approach.
In addition to the traditional products that are popular in Germany, such as credit cards, direct debits and purchasing on account, InterCard Secure Payment comprises a broad range of national and international payment systems.  All relevant payment types are connected via a single interface. This enables you to respond to the needs of your clients and of the market and will give you the flexibility to add new payment methods or deactivate existing ones.  The best thing is that the interface is available for all shop systems via plug & play.

InterCard Secure Payment is also equipped with a comprehensive risk management tool, Secure PayGuard, which offers you additional payment settlement security. A broad range of risk checks help you to assess your risks.

Future-oriented e-payment - easy and safe!

We have the right solution for each need - e-commerce, m-commerce, multi-channel, omni-channel or point of sale. And it is easy and secure!

Get your indivual proposal!

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