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Terms and Conditions:

T&C InterCard for POS Services (PDF, 156.02 KB)
As of: 31.08.2018

T&C for participation in the German electronic cash system (PDF, 209.17 KB)
As of: October 2016

T&C Chargeback Services (PDF, 85.96 KB)
As of: 28.02.2012

As of: 22.8.2019

General Business Conditions for the Acceptance and Settlement of Debit and Credit Cards in Card Present Business (PDF, 182.8 KB)
As of: 31.08.2018

Price list for acceptance (PDF, 472.97 KB)
As of: 01.12.2015

Notice Text for Merchants - ec direct debit (PDF, 92.24 KB)
As of: 01.12.2015

Receipt text for ELV via Intercard /s1 (PDF, 83.86 KB)
As of: 01.06.2015

As of: 14.12.2018

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