About your terminal.


About your terminal.

The InterCard team is there for you.

At InterCard, you will always find the right person to speak to. If you have queries about our systems and services, please do call us. Our staff look forward to your calls on working days until 8.30pm.

For technical queries and information about the InterCard online system:

Terminal Support

Monday - Friday from 7am to 8.30pm
Saturday from 8am to 5pm
T: +49 89 61445 - 465
F: +49 89 61445 - 510
E: support@intercard.de

Please do not unplug the terminal, as automatic sales cuts or software updates are performed in particular at night. If the power supply is switched off, it is not possible to establish a connection between the terminal and InterCard.

Please get in touch immediately with InterCard’s technical support team.

Here is an overview of the error codes (German only):

Fehlertabelle ec-Lastschrift online (PDF, 60.42 KB)
Fehlertabelle girocard (ab TA 7.0) (PDF, 455.97 KB)
Fehlertabelle Kreditkarten (PDF, 457.44 KB)
Fehlertabelle InterCard Gutscheinkarte (PDF, 453.36 KB)

You can order German paper rolls with InterCard Direct Debit mandate by telephone, email or fax

On legal grounds, for returned direct debits to be processed by InterCard, InterCard mandate rolls must be used. In the event of a returned direct debit, the banks only provide InterCard with the cardholder’s address information if the latter has consented to this. This consent is granted by signing the InterCard mandate text printed at the bottom of the reverse side of our mandate rolls. The content of the text was agreed with the banks beforehand.


When you need new paper rolls for your terminal, you can order them from us quickly and easily. Paper rolls are available with German text only.

To do this, please use one of the following options:


If you order 10 boxes or more, you will receive a 10% discount.

InterCard offers free acceptance stickers/decals, which you can place in places that are clearly visible to your clients (e.g.. store entrance door/window or at checkout). The stickers can be stuck indoors and outdoors.

Contact us.

T: 0800 10 44 405 (free of charge within Germany)
T: +49 89 61445 - 465 (International Calls)
E: support@intercard.de